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White Orchids in Aged Metal Planter


Artificial supreme fresh touch white phalaenopsis orchids arranged with orchid leaves, grass and English trailing ivy, set in a grey round aged vintage metal footed planter.

Display height: 70cm.

Planter diameter: 36cm.

Handmade to order, delivery within 3 working days.

Orchids look ultra-impressive when planted in something old or unusual as this arrangement demonstrates. These Fake White Orchids in an Aged Metal Planter bring the outside inside and add a strange touch of elegance to any setting.

The tall white orchids really look superb in the aged the metal planter with the ivy creating an impression of old age. The aged look flows through this arrangement and the flowers create the feeling of joy and happiness through it all. The arrangement has a classic aged look and the orphic impression the whole piece creates is mesmerising to the point of crazy.

Like every Demmerys flower arrangement, these White Orchids in an Aged Metal Planter overflow with quality. From a distance, the display impresses and none of its lifelike looks disappear until one actually gets up so close as to touch the flowers. The rich greenery hides anything fake about this flowers and the flowers draw the eye. This work of art has been made intentionally to impress and make you smile and this the sole objective of Demmerys.

To create the massive appeal these flowers have only the finest flower making materials are used. Second grade anything will collapse the whole enigma of reality. The flower makers appreciate the mystery of what they are making and deliver a dream through nothing but quality and pride in their work. This is what makes a Demmerys flower arrangement stand out from the crowd. It is this that makes an ordinary display of fake flowers a work of art to admire and something of value.

Every piece of this arrangement has been handmade from the finest materials. Flowers are made from the best silk on the market and the greenery from materials few ever dare to search for. There is so much pride and passion that goes into making a Demmerys floral arrangement that it can only produce and exceptional piece like this. This arrangement highlights everything that Demmerys stands for and the final goal is to make you happy.

Because the flowers in the arrangement are made by the best flower makers from the finest materials the flowers will last. Unlike other flower arrangements that may fade, the quality materials used in the arrangement will barely fade over time. With simple maintenance and general good care this spectacle of flower arrangement will last more than lifetime. Good care will keep the flowers fresh and make this display seem new each and every day.

Above all your satisfaction is assured with this arrangement of White Orchids in an Aged Metal Planter. This display, like every flower from Demmerys comes with a full money back guarantee if you are not happy. However, we know this arrangement would not leave out workshop unless we are happy, so we know you will be!