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White Orchids in Bamburgh Silver Shell Vase


Fresh touch premium white phalaenopsis orchids, leaves and vanilla grass arranged in a silver aluminim Bamburghshell design vase.

Arrangement dimensions: H80cm x W60cm.

Free UK delivery within 48hours.

When it comes to floral decor Demmerys know a thing or two. This fairly large arrangement of orchids in a silver Bamburgh shell is a case in point. As one of the leaders in the production of artificial flowers in the UK, Demmerys excels in producing masterpieces such as this.

This impressive work of art is floral decor at its best. Simple white orchids with vanilla grass so green it looks like it needs mowing, all placed in an exquisite silver bowl just exemplifies what Demmerys is. Having been making and selling the artificial flowers in the UK for some years Demmerys has become recognised as the name to choose. The flowers made look so real, the arrangements are so creative and the quality tops any other one may find.

It all boils down to one thing and one thing only when it comes to artificial flowers in the UK. That one thing is quality and every piece of floral decor and every arrangement produced by Demmerys overflows with it. If it is worth doing it is worth doing well, so the saying goes. Demmerys takes it up a notch and does things better than well as this arrangement clearly demonstrates.

Every petal, every stem and every blade of grass in this amazing piece of floral decor is made for the best materials. Not almost the best, not good enough it will do but actually the very best of the very best. When you purchase this or any arrangement from the number on producer of artificial flowers in the UK you know instantly that you are getting the best.

Demmerys understand floral decor better than most and every piece we make is made by hand by the best makers of artificial flowers in the UK. We don't settle for half-hearted work at Demmerys only the best will do. Because we produce the best and are known as the best producers of artificial flowers in the UK your flowers become and investment.

An arrangement such as this will reward you or anyone you decide to gift it to with many years of happiness and enjoyment. All the quality Demmerys our into this work of floral decor art ensure it will never fade and retain its freshness for years to come. This means your investment will mature over many years and few investments can truly say that for sure.