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Make a monochrome statement in any home, hotel, bar or restaurant with the Pelsall, an arresting arrangement of white phalaenopsis orchids perfectly offset by a tall black cone-shaped vase crafted by hand. Revealing exquisite Demmery’s poise, this lifelike exhibit is unveiled alongside complementing green leaves and plait amaranthus for an altogether arrangement with utmost class and prestige.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation, only 1 available.
  • Overall arrangement dimensions: H97cm x W56cm (from flower head to flower head).
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

Nothing beats an orchid for shear elegance and absolute beauty, This superb display of White Orchids in a Black Glass Tall Vase stands out from all others. This is Demmerys masterpiece that overflows with total splendid-ness and little else.

Full of elegance and charm these White Orchids in a Black Glass Tall Vase are more than just impressive as they seem to actually live and breathe. The flow of the piece is enigmatic and the black and the white create such a remarkable contrast it seems harder still to believe the flowers are not real. The arrangement is almost a full metre tall and this makes it something remarkable and any space it is placed in will begin to overflow with a feeling of calm and peace. Beautiful is barely a word that describes this masterpiece yet that is what it truly is.

Demmerys are the masters at making jaw dropping floral decor such as these wonderful orchids. It has taken a lifetime of experience to master perfection and it shows with this and every piece. Every flower arrangement from Demmerys sets out to be better than the best. Quality is the departure platform not the end of the line and this has become the Demmerys trademark or promise.

To produce these stunning White Orchids in a Black Glass Tall Vase quality has had to be painstakingly ensured. Each petal, each leaf and each flowing piece of foliage has been produced from beyond perfect materials. The continuous path to find better and better materials to make better and better flower arrangements has paid off in this masterpiece. This arrangement of White Orchids in a Black Glass Tall Vase is close to perfection.

It is not only the materials used in the production of a masterpiece like this that must be perfect, the hands that make the flowers must be too. To create something that is identical to nature such as these White Orchids in a Black Glass Tall Vase takes someone special. The flower makers at Demmerys are the someone special. With many years of flower making experience and an eye for detail the hands that make a Demmerys arrangement are the very best. Because of this the flowers made are perfect every time.

All the beauty and the desire to achieve perfection with these White Orchids in a Black Glass Tall Vase make this arrangement an investment. The investment will pay off with countless years of enjoyment and over time the flowers will hardly fade. This is the real beauty of any Demmerys masterpiece of floral decor.