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Premium fresh touch white phalaenopsis orchids arranged with orchid leaves, fatsia and moss planted in a large black round Moscow planter.

All Demmerys designs are unique and bespoke. Only 1 arrangement is made in each design to keep them exclusive.

Arrangement dimensions: Height 90cm.

Planter: W38cm x D38cn x H18cm.

Free UK delivery within 3 working days.

This classic example of white silk orchids in a black planter is one of the most stunning arrangements in the Demmerys collection. If you tell people that you have purchased some orchids that are not real they will automatically think ?plastic orchids. However, when they see this arrangement they will think again.

This arrangement is perhaps the most classically elegant display of plastic orchids you would wish to see. Each part of it is so convincingly real, one really does have to look very close to tell is these are silk orchids or the real thing. However, even once you know they are not real there will not be an ounce of disappointment in you.

Any disappointment that could possibly rise up turns into happiness, just how is it possible? This is what Demmerys thrives on and is why these silk orchids are so special. All the joy in the flowers starts by choosing the very best materials to make the flowers. Choosing the best silk, the best leaf green materials and even the best wire makes a massive difference in the final product. Choosing and using anything less is how flowers like this become less classy plastic orchids in both look and feel.

Having the arrangement not made but choreographed by master flower makers ensures the lifelike looks are brought to life. This arrangement must flow and must give the illusion that the silk orchids are real. This realism is created and choreographed with passion, and done so slowly to release overflowing levels of love. This is why a Demmerys flower arrangement surpasses any other.

This arrangement of silk orchids in a black vase will look amazing anywhere. It is quite tall and it may need some space. However the space it will be in filled with joy and love. It will look amazing in any home taking pride of place or bringing life to a soulless corner. In an office or even a showroom this display will not look like plastic orchids but will become something both elegant and functional.

Wherever you choose to display this investment piece the facts remain the same. The flowers are stunning and because these are silk orchids, they will remain looking amazing for a very long time. This arrangement will reward its owner with countless smiles and endless moments of happiness and love.