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Round off your interior scheme with the Sutton, a chic curation of luxurious silk phalaenopsis orchids elegantly arranged in a Brockley faceted oval vase carefully crafted from silver aluminium. Perfect for introducing a distinctive focal point to table tops and bar areas, this bespoke Demmery’s design is extraordinary and inviting, with its magnetic grace and beauty naturally attracting attention.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Vase dimensions: H37cm x W30cm x D18cm.
  • Overall arrangement height: 60cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

There is something very elegant and timeless about The Sutton from Demmerys. This beautiful silk flower arrangement consisting of White fresh touch faux phalaenopsis orchids in a Brockley facets silver aluminium is superbly modern yet outstandingly classical. The Sutton, standing at 60cm tall would not at all look out of place in any home or commercial environment, and this gentile work of floral art will amaze everyone when they realise it is not real but handmade.

It is the realism and genuine lifelike looks that set a Demmerys artificial flower arrangement apart from any other. In fact, some people would go as far as saying that nature has to catch up with Demmerys as the flowers look so real. Demmerys produce the finest and most exclusive silk flower arrangements, and the Sutton is a prime example of the quality products produced. Handmade, and created by passion inspired by nature and interior design floral décor from Demmerys is the best you can find.

The big difference between a Demmerys flower arrangement such as this display of white fresh touch faux phalaenopsis orchids and any other is quality. What Demmerys begin with quality meaning the final flower arrangement is far superior to any other, the Sutton demonstrates clearly. Quality starts in the thought process and carries on through until the product reaches your door.

To understand just what quality means when it comes to an artificial flower arrangement such as the Sutton one needs to look at how the flowers are produced. Only the absolute best quality materials are used to produce a Demmerys product. Finest silk and other flower making materials are selected from the best producers in the world; second best has no place in a Demmerys product. Every petal, stem and leaf is hand selected to ensure the flowers look real and last longer than one would normally expect.

The planter, in this case, a stunning and very fashionable Brockley faceted aluminium vase, has to be of equal quality to the flower making materials. With this amazing arrangement of White fresh touch faux phalaenopsis orchids, the planter is an equal part of the overall work of art. The clean, bright silver works perfectly with the fresh, white flowers. Yet, if the vase of a lesser quality the entire piece would not work, that is the difference between artificial flowers from Demmerys and any other.

The create this amazing work of floral art one cannot just place flowers in a pot and hope it works, At Demmerys the quality of workmanship is equal to the quality of the materials used. The best floral designers available with decades of experience and hugely creative minds bring everything together to turn artificial flowers into a priceless work of art. Because of this and combined with the quality materials, a floral décor solution from Demmerys becomes an investment you will never regret. Delivering a lifetime of happiness, these White fresh touch faux phalaenopsis orchids will look as fresh as the morning dew for many, many years to come.