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Revitalise your décor style with the Tyburn, a masterpiece of white phalaenopsis orchids animated by a bed of complementing moss, leaves, ferns and succulent. This original Demmery’s curation looks flawless in any home, hotel, bar or office space, with its exquisite aluminium bowl with large ring handles further elevating the beauty of the blooms.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Bowl dimensions: H36cm x W44cm x D44cm.
  • Overall arrangement height: 95cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

When it comes to artificial floral centrepieces, Demmerys has the answer. This impressive display of luxury artificial flowers really does take the biscuit and really does draw attention.

Orchids and especially white orchids work well for artificial floral centrepieces that can be used pretty much anywhere. From hotel lobbies to car showrooms an arrangement of luxury artificial flowers such as this really does make its mark. Even for someone who has a large house or just has a thing for being over top would love this amazing piece of art.

The gigantic aluminium bowl lifts up this arrangement of orchids making it a fine example of luxury artificial flowers. The flowers look more than just lifelike, they look alive and seem to have breath. For this reason, and the fact it is absolutely stunning, this is the prime choice when it comes to artificial floral centrepieces. Everything about this piece is amazing.

Quality, quality, quality is what Demmerys have gained a reputation for and when it comes to artificial floral centrepieces, there is no equal. Hand made from the finest materials the flowers in this masterpiece have been designed to impress. What more would you expect from the very best luxury artificial flowers? Every petal draws you in to be touched and felt only for you to be fooled by the realism. But surely that is the point of these luxury artificial flowers in that you want people to think they are real.

The real beauty of these flowers doesn't just lay in the realism and beauty. With all artificial floral centrepieces, one wants the flowers to last. There is nothing worse than a faded, old looking arrangement of flowers, even if they are so-called luxury artificial flowers. Because Demmerys only uses the best materials these flowers will last. The colours will barely fade over time, with some polish on the urn and gentle loving care the flowers will retain their freshness for many years.

This wonderful work of art will become an investment and something that will be cherished. This is the centrepiece to top all centrepieces and will create memories for many people over time. Creating those memories and making people happy is all that we live for at Demmerys and we hope you too will receive joy from this arrangement of luxury artificial flowers