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Premium white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids arranged with orchid leaves set in a silver aluminium Bamburgh shell design footed planter.

Arrangement height: 75cm / full width 50cm.

Handmade to order with free UK delivery within 3-5 working days.

White Orchids in Silver Shell Vase look absolutely fantastic. The bright white of the flowers is uplifted by the shimmer of the luxurious silver vase. This is another floral work of art from Demmerys and one that any owner will be more than proud to have in their home or office.

Demmerys pride themselves on producing exemplary floral works of art that look so alive that people kick themselves when they find they are not. We produce floral decor products that are beyond remarkable and take silk flower production to realms others can't even imagine. The display of White Orchids in Silver Shell Vase is a prime example of the impressive floral works of art that Demmerys wow their customers with.

This spectacular arrangement of white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids looks so real because of one thing. That one thing is the constant pursuit of excellence when it comes to producing outstanding floral decor. As part of this process, Demmerys only uses the very best materials to produce their silk orchids. This fact ensures that every flower arrangement looks lifelike and alive. The finest silk produces the softest petals, the best quality greenery materials make the best stems and leaves. This leaves us with choosing the superb vase or planter, and Demmerys only works with the best suppliers of these from around the world.

But just having high quality material to make orchids such as these is not enough. Demmerys insists on only using the very best and most experienced flower makers. Our team of expert flower makers not only have experience and nimble fingers but they also possess creative vision. It is this creative vision that helps set a Demmerys floral work of art apart from any other.

That is just it, these white fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids in their silver vase are a floral work of art. We know you will be impressed with this display and we can assure that it will last a lifetime. The high quality materials used to make this display of silk orchids ensure the arrangement will last and basic maintenance ensures the flowers remain fresh and alive.

This display of orchids is an investment above all else. The display will look amazing in any home or workplace, and dropping jaws are bound to be heard before people pick them up off the floor. But the real investment this Demmerys masterpiece will reward you with is happiness and joy. A lifetime of smiles await you when you order this impressive display of White Orchids in Silver Shell Vase. We know you will love this display, we never let an arrangement leave our workshop unless we love it and are 100% satisfied. But, one must never forget that at Demmerys, every floral piece comes with a full money back guarantee.