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White Orchids in Silver Trumpet Vase


Artificial fresh touch white phalaenopsis orchids arranged with leaves and twigs set in a tall silver trumpet vase.

Height: 85cm.

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The vase in this beautiful arrangement of orchids really is the kingmaker in what is truly a work of art. The Silver Trumpet vase is unusual an provides the perfect host for such lifelike orchids that seem to be happy where they are.

Nothing is more stunning than perfect white orchids and their natural elegance is taken to a completely new level when presented well. Demmerys are the masters and making the finest and most amazing floral decor and this arrangement is the epitome of the craft. The trumpet vase is outstanding and the flowers so lifelike that the entire arrangement just flows with tranquilly. Keeping things simple with the inclusion of a handful of leaves and twigs retains the simple, but faithful elegance and one can only but smile.

These White Orchids in a Silver Trumpet Vase have been made to make people happy and fill any space with joy, peace and contentment. The perfection of the piece causes the world to stop spinning, just for a moment, allowing time for a smile in the craziness of life. The petals are naturally perfect, extenuated by the stretched trumpet vase allowing them to breathe life wherever they are situated. There is a degree of elegance to the entire arrangement but it is far from opulent or garish. This masterpiece in orchid floral design is perfection and one can automatically see and sense the quality of the entire work of art.

The quality of the arrangement is intentional with every petal, stem and leaf being made from the best flower making materials imaginable. Demmerys is on a continuous quest to find the best flower making materials and produce ever better flower arrangements. This quest has paid off with these White Orchids in a Silver Trumpet Vase with the vase itself being a Eureka! moment in both the design and manufacturing process. Without the vase it is safe to say this piece could become rather dull.

Handmade by master flower makers this arrangement came to life and every detail was scrutinised in the process. Nothing was left to chance as the material took their shape and form. The flower makers are the real magicians when it comes to producing the high quality flowers that Demmerys is renowned for. This piece of floral decoration is a prime example of the mastery that the best flower makers in the UK have and represents quality that surpasses that of most other flower arrangements.

All the quality that has gone into the materials used is matched by the quality craftsmanship to produce more than just flowers. Demmerys are artists and produced masterpieces that become investments for those who choose to own them. The flowers remain looking fresh and alive for many years and thus the flower arrangement makes people happy for a lifetime or longer.