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Premium white artificial fresh touch phalaenopsis orchids, orchid leaves, succulents and moss arranged in a large round aged metal bronze planter with large ring handles.

All Demmerys designs are unique and bespoke. Only 1 arrangement is made in each design to keep them exclusive.

Arrangement height: 66cm / D 40cm.

Handmade and unique design.

UK delivery included 3-5 working days.

Every now and then Demmerys needs to think of ways to make their flower arrangements look that bit more lifelike. This arrangement of White Orchids Large in an aged metal Planter is a perfect example. The brown, very earthy planter gives a very natural look to the perfect white silk orchids.

The greenery of the arrangement looks so alive that one would assume it needs watering on a regular basis but on close inspection, one soon sees the truth. The whole floral arrangement is a well-choreographed display of joy and freshness that will look amazing in almost any situation either in a home or at the workplace. The versatility of this amazing arrangement of orchids soon becomes very clear.

The whole piece is a true work of floral artwork that exudes quality and defies belief that the orchids are not real. This entire enigma is created by paying attention to the absolute quality of each and every component. The flowers are produced from the absolute best quality silk to create petals that are soft to the touch and strangely moist. The foliage is produced from materials that have the blotches and blemishes that mimic nature. Choosing and then using the perfect materials from which to make these orchids is part of the production that Demmerys takes very seriously. Even the earthy, brown planter has been carefully selected from only the best international suppliers. Nothing but the best is used to produce every masterpiece in the Demmerys collection.

On top of the materials used only the very best flower makers are used to produce each flower arrangement in the Demmerys collection. With many years experience in the production of lifelike floral decor the Demmerys team are creative perfectionists who pay attention to detail. If a floral arrangement does not meet what they demand in terms of design and quality they will not let it leave the workshop. This display of White Orchids in an aged metal Planter is a case in point.

Because this classy arrangement of White Orchids in a Large aged metal Planter is of such high quality it becomes and investment that you will never regret. The materials used are of such quality that they will last and extremely long time with little fading. The design is almost timeless thanks to its very natural, earthy look and orchids rarely go out of style. However, simple maintenance such as a dust over and general good care will ensure this floral work of art remains fresh and lifelike for many years.

This flower arrangement is an investment that will bring rich rewards to any owner. Over the years this masterpiece of floral decor will attract many smiles as the joy of the piece radiates and fills the entire space the flowers are in. Demmerys flowers are made to make people happy, they are made to serve that purpose and do so very well.