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Take your interiors to new heights with the Ladywood, a distinctive display of fresh-touch phalaenopsis orchids and leaves beautifully styled in a high-end aluminium rippled vase. As elegant as her name suggests, this striking Demmery’s arrangement is set to lend a new lease of life to spaces, with its white, silver and green colour scheme sure to awaken the senses.

  • An exclusive Demmery’s creation.
  • Vase dimensions: H37cm x W39cm x D5cm.
  • Overall arrangement height: 90cm.
  • Free dusting brush.
  • Free UK delivery: 3-5 working days.

Silver, white and green. These are three colours that look good and go so well together. It is the colouring that makes this display of white artificial orchids so superb. Don't be concerned that in reality these are just fake white orchids, because they are more than that.

The silver vase could contain anything, it alone is a work of art. Demmerys chose to fill it with some of the finest white artificial orchids possible. Stand back and look and you will begin to see that the flowers are far from fake white orchids. Look at the quality of the flowers, and the superb silver vase. Take a breath and you will sense the smell of the freshest white artificial orchids you can find. Yes, these flowers look so real that the mind does play tricks.

The white artificial orchids in this amazing arrangement are made with your happiness in mind. Everything about it sings and shouts of joy and laughter, if these were fake white orchids this could never happen. The flowers look so fresh and they breathe life and this comes from quality being the foundation not the objective.

Adding a few willow leaves to the piece adds further lifelike appeal to the fake white orchids and it is impossible to then to ignore this piece. It is surprisingly tall and at 90cm will fill a space well with light, happiness and bucket loads of charm. This is what Demmerys aims for, we want to produce artificial white orchids and other flowers that set the bar high when it comes to enjoyment and beauty.

Every petal, every leaf and every stem of this masterpiece are handmade to perfection. This may to some just be a pot of fake white orchids but to the team at Demmerys it is a labour of love. These artificial white orchids must bring happiness and joy to the flower making team or else it will never leave the workshop. This is part of the Demmerys promise, this is why our money back guarantee is so sound. We want you to see these not as fake white orchids but a living, breathing work of art that brings joy to everyone who sees it. The quality shows this and the effort Demmerys has put into producing this is the final stamp of approval. So go on, make someone happy, make yourself happy and get up close to this amazing arrangement of very real, fake white orchids