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The Lawley


Artificial fresh touch white orchids arranged with leaves, air roots and moss, planted in a round high gloss pot.

Arrangement height: 70cm.

Planter dimensions: 30x30x18cm.

Free UK delivery within 3 working days.

This display of White Phalaenopsis Orchids in a Round Black Pot is one of the best examples of fake flowers online you will find. Like all the artificial potted plants made by Demmerys one can expect absolute quality from this arrangement.

The stunning white flowers that look so lifelike stand out among other fake flowers online because of the attention to detail that comes with this impressive piece. Like all artificial potted plants produced Demmerys pays careful attention to the planter. In this case, the black bowl turns this stunning piece into something timeless and classical. At Demmerys, we aim to impress and this piece hits the mark.

Every petal in this immaculate display is, in our opinion, better than all the fake flowers online that you could wish to view. Because only the finest materials are used, we know you will be pleased with the artificial potted plants produced by Demmerys. It is this quality that makes this arrangement so superb. Nothing is left to chance, not even the planter. To produce flowers and plants of this quality Demmerys only works with the best suppliers.

When it comes to artificial potted plants this arrangement is classical. The simplicity of the display, not trying to oversell the arrangement as so many fake flowers online do, makes it work. The crispness and freshness of the orchids placed in the elegant planter mean this arrangement is ideal for home or business use.

The flower makers that make this and all the artificial potted plants at Demmerys know that each arrangement must be practical as well as beautiful. Other fake flowers online are either just practical or barely beautiful, it takes years of experience to balance both. At Demmerys, no flower will leave the workshop unless it meets the exceptional levels of quality demanded.

Because this superb flower arrangement is such good quality and the materials used are the best we know it will last. Minimal maintenance will ensure these artificial potted plants last more than a lifetime and deliver many years of happiness and joy. We know that this arrangement in particular will make you happy as it is one of our most popular of all our fake flowers online. We know that people come back and order more because they are happy, this arrangement is bursting with happiness.