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The Cape
Just what I was looking for.
Stunning flower arrangement and service!
The very best artificial flower arrangements.
Great! Very pleased with the foliage it looks so real!
The Dome
Fabulous orchid
Beautiful arrangement
The Beau
Absolutely Beautiful Orchid
Newton arrangement
Once again, thank you Julie for your kind words, it really is wonderful to see people returning as it gives me the confidence to know I must be doing something right. It is so kind of you to shop with me as I appreciate you have a choice. I have a new website coming today (Saturday) so keep an eye out for some really colourful artificial tropical arrangements, Best wishes as always and stay safe, Sharon XX
Beautiful in every way
Randeep, Randeep, Randeep, where would I be without you? You never fail me. Thank you very much for your kindness and wonderful words. I’m soooo happy your Mum was thrilled, it just seems to make it all worthwhile. As I’m telling all my valued customers, look after yourself and your Mum, stay safe ad no doubt we’ll speak when this is all over, Best Wishes as always, Sharon XX
The Beau
Stunning orchids
Hi Luan, wow, that’s a fabulous review thank you so much. It’s thrilling for me to know what I create is appreciated the other end so to speak and I really do try to meet your expectations. Also, another thank you for recommending me to your friends, it’s so kind. Finally, look after yourself and your family during this awful time, stay safe, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
Just beautiful
Hi Ruth, I’m so pleased your purchase matched your expectations, it’s not always easy to know what somebody is expecting but we seem to be on the same page. Thank you for your order, I really do appreciate it, stay safe until this is all over, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
The Leamore
Beautiful Artwork
Hi Julie, apologies for the late reply but it’s been very strange time as you are aware so I’ve been completing orders and rushing to get them out. A million thanks for your beautiful review, I try my best always and it’s great to hear your appreciation. Please stay safe during this terrible time Julie, Best Wishes as ever, Sharon XX
Fabulous Flowers
Hi Rianhon, if you tried my cooking you may not think I’m that talented!! Seriously though, I really appreciate my loyal longstanding customers who come back time and again. It really is a pleasure to see your name pop up as I know it’s going to be a hassle free experience and a pleasure to be of service. Thank you for your custom and loyalty, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you, have a great weekend Rhianon, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
Orchid arrangements
Hello Ian, thank you for taking the time to leave me a great review, I’m so pleased your arrangements met your expectations. I know you are up against it at the moment with personal problems and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to let you know you and your family have been very much in my thoughts recently. Please let me know how things are progressing and if there is anything I or my family can help you with and I’m don’t mean anything to do with Demmerys, just any help at all. I will continue to think of you all at this difficult time and thanks again for taking the time to leave this review, Best wishes Ian, Sharon XX
Good afternoon Catherine, if you are delighted then so am I. It is sometimes a bit of a lottery to meet a customers expectations but we seem to be on the same page with this one. Thank you for taking time out to leave yet another wonderful review, it really does help potential customers if they can see reviews such as yours. Have a great Christmas and wonderful new year, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
The Pixe
Hi Jean and what a wonderful review you have written for which I cannot thank you enough. You can probably imagine that kind words such as yours makes Demmerys more than just a job, there is personal pride at stake as well as trying to put a smile on your face. It’s thrilling to hear that your arrangement has matched your expectations and it was a real pleasure to be of service to such nice people and yes, I did get your photos and I agree, it does all fit perfectly. Have a great Christmas and new year Jean and once again many thanks, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
Stunning, as always!
Hi Hollie, you are right, you do all your purchasing through Demmerys, I’ve got the aching feet to prove it!! Seriously, it is always a pleasure to be of service to both of you, you’re very special people and very kind people. I guess you’ve got a very busy time coming up now with the little ones and Christmas coming etc so have a wonderful time and best wishes to James & the kids, enjoy, regards Sharon XX
Beautiful flowers and equally beautiful service!
The fabulous ‘Jasper’ displays
WOW, thank you Rhianon, it’s a real thrill to read that ‘The Jasper’ met your expectations. I really enjoyed creating them and must admit when I had all three together on my workbench completed, they did look pretty awesome. I was hoping that once you received them they would make a real impact to your room. I really appreciate your review and hope I can be of service to you again one day. Thank you so much for thinking of Demmerys when there is so much choice these days. Have a great evening Rhianon, Best Wishes, Sharon XX
The Coften
Hi Amanda, absolutely over the moon you are happy with your choice of arrangement, it is a great favourite of mine also. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Demmerys and also leaving an amazing five star review. I really do value each and everyone of my amazing customers and feel humbled when they write such kind words like you have. Have a wonderful evening and if I can ever be of help to you in the future please call me directly and I will do my utmost to look after you, Best Wishes Amanda, Sharon XX
The equestrian
Hi Andrew, you’re so kind, thank you so very much. I must say, the orchids today look so real don’t they? It’s always great to read that your expectations have been met as I appreciate they are not cheap, nor to me either by the way, but when I get a review like this it makes my day. Once again Andrew, thank you for taking the time to write such kind words and have a great week, despite the rain eh? Best Wishes as always, Sharon XX

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