The Waterfront, Merry Hill

Another Demmerys artificial flower installation

The Indian Tavern

I was approached by the owner of a restaurant called “The Indian Tavern” to install flower walls, mossed walls, cover ceilings etc at his  restaurant in a place known as The Waterfront near Merry Hill in the Black Country. I couldn’t believe my luck given it was 12-15 miles away from me rather than the usual hundred or so. The owner, who I  now know as H agreed to meet on site to kick some ideas about with regards to what he required, budgets, colour schemes and also to add my thoughts and ideas into the mix. I really wanted a wow factor given the Indian Tavern was absolutely stunning, no pressure there then?

Bespoke Flower Wall
Based on his country of origin, India

A brand new state of the art restaurant

I found H wanted a flower wall around his main TV area, moss on the columns where his smaller tv’s were situated and some floral decor hanging down to compliment the mossed columns. He did ask me use flowers native to India in keeping with the restaurants decor as you can see here with the tables. We got to work which was a challenge given the other workmen on site also but managed to make our mark in a reasonably quick time.

How could I finish it off... Ta Da!

Thank goodness for bark!

Although the management didn’t want the flower wall to go to the floor, the bottom of it just stopped half way down and there was nothing below it to compliment it, what should I do as it looked unfinished? I decided I did not want to put Demmerys name to a artificial flower installation that looked unfinished. Bark, that’s what I needed. I sourced some rather neat bark and moss mixed and fixed it firmly to the wall underneath the main installation, I hope you agree it really adds to the finish, panic over!

Being bold grabs attention

A sample of the flower wall

As with most artificial flower installations, there are always obstacles to overcome that are never seen prior to starting, however, I am pleased to say the owners were thrilled with the finished results. So much so, I have been asked to complete phase two where they have took the property next door. One slight hurdle, it is going to be knocked through just where my flower wall is around the main tv….oh well, it’s just going to have to come down and go back up somewhere else.

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