Venezia Italian Restaurant, Nottingham

Bespoke Floral Artificial Arrangements in the Restaurant

Bespoke Interior Design

Venezia Italian Restaurant

Situated within the Old Saxondale Hospital, Venezia is one of Nottingham’s finest Italian restaurants. Having already provided artificial floral arrangements for its sister restaurant in the city centre, I was thrilled when the owner got in touch to request my services once again. 

Constructed in 1902, the building itself boasts a superb structure. Naturally, the restaurant exudes class and luxury with its refined ambience attracting diners far and wide. The artificial flower installations I designed and created therefore had to be just right.

Outside front view of the Venezia Italian restaurant
table with orchids in the Venezia Italian restaurant
Bringing a vibrant splash to a superb structure

Planning the decor with a prior visit

Before commencing any project, I always like to physically visit the site to get an accurate feel for the place and requirements. And The Venezia was no exception. After a successful site visit, I came away with an accurate feel for the designs that were desiredfrom the styles and colour schemes to the volume, heights and more. 

The brief included requests for a vibrant look with the introduction of artificial tropical flower arrangements for a splash of colour. Naturally, the arrangements also needed to be perfectly installed into their designated spaces.

Colourful and Classic

Choosing the correct foliage

After assessing the brief and brainstorming the perfect designs to suit, I concluded that oriental green artificial orchids would be superb. In addition, the owner requested trailing foliage to complement the look of his distinctive wine storage facility.

And so I added springeri, mini willow and air plants. I also decided to enhance the colours even further with the addition of white magnolia arrangements in black vases. The result? A full-bodied and colourfully classic look that harmonised the adjoining rooms.

Lobby of the Venezia Italian restaurant
Tall orchids in the Venezia Italian restaurant
Complimentary and Cosy

Tall Orchids for the Fireplaces

The restaurant owner also requested that I created a tall and slim floral display to complement the space around the two fireplaces. After careful consideration, I chose a fresh-touch artificial orchid arrangement in classic white to give the area a classic and cosy homely feel.

To add further panache to the design, I then introduced some trailing plants to offset the artificial orchid leaves and moss. The owner was thrilled with the results. It was exactly what they were looking for.

Providing the Finishing Touches

Bespoke Bar Area

Finally, the wish for the bar area was bold and bright hues to add a new dimension to the area. I instantly got to work on an artificial floral arrangement that adhered to the height restrictions, comprising artificial bird of paradise, orchids and pin cushion protea. The finished result can be seen on the right.

Prior to delivering these arrangements, I sent the owner some photographs of everything to ensure our visions were accurately aligned. Fabulously, the owner loved the finished designs. The restaurant was already beautiful to look at, but my artificial floral arrangements added that je ne sais quoi. It’s all part of the bespoke service.

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