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Why A Demmery's Artificial Flower Arrangement?


All of our artificial orchid & flower creations are designed and crafted to create conversation. The disbelieving, perhaps discerning customer left wondering

“they’re real… aren’t they, I think they are, maybe, you ask, I’m not”.

The inquisitive, whose eye is drawn to each flower, struggling to find the smallest of imperfections to announce the flowers as ‘fake’.

Owning a Demmerys artificial flower arrangement, displayed at home or in the workplace, will bring vibrancy to any space, large or small, whilst also proving a superb long term investment too, floral decor we take delight in handcrafting just for you.

Demmerys, looking to enthral, intrigue & fascinate while still confusing the bees....

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Artificial Flower Arrangement Of The Week

The Darwin - H127cm x W80cm

Delight in the impressive detail of the Darwin. Destined to charm and mesmerise, this handcrafted arrangement elegantly comprises white orchids, contorted willow, orchid leaves, palm, moss infill and foliage trails, which tempt you in with just one gaze. Whether adding light and life to a window display or centre-piecing your entertainment space, this exquisite Demmery’s promises instant décor elevation.

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