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‘commission your own original Demmerys’

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‘Commission your own original Demmerys’

Inspired by nature and given a boost of creativity

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“Demmerys Floral Designs, So Real I Even Confuse The Bees”


             Welcome to Demmerys

My name is Sharon Demmery and I love flowers. My ambition has always been to create innovative and stunning flower arrangements that retain the integrity of fresh flowers and go beyond the ordinary.

Demmerys strives to exceed expectation and alter perception. Through this, you get outstanding, handcrafted, luxury artificial flower arrangements that bring life to any home or work space.

To produce the detail that makes a Demmerys flower arrangement so special we only use the highest quality materials. We take the time to make each arrangement by hand with passion and love to ensure it goes beyond the ordinary.

Demmerys has the widest range of custom-made floral décor solutions and flower arrangements. We are continuously adding new, different and unusual products to our range. Feel free to browse.

We are confident that our products and customer service will more than impress you. As part of the Demmerys promise, we provide a Total Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee.

Every Demmerys arrangement has been created using premium quality materials, handcrafted to produce outstanding, realistic floral works of art. Demmerys delivers lifelike, long-lasting arrangements that add charm and happiness to any space for more than a lifetime.

Every high quality artificial flower arrangement we make is inspired by nature, we give it a boost of creativity and turn it into magic just for you.

We Mix and match colours using different flowers in placed high quality vases and planters to add a touch of flare. This makes a Demmerys arrangement a superior flower arrangement. From the smallest and most simple displays to elegant orchids or lilies, our floral designs offer something for everyone.


At Demmerys we serve to please. If there is anything we can assist you with please email us or call 0121 270 6597

Our business hours are Monday-Sunday 7.00am-11.00pm.

Thank You for shopping at Demmerys,

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