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Add elegance to your hotel with Demmerys floral designs

Artificial flowers for hotels can mean lower maintenance costs

Artificial Hotel Flowers For Hotels

Hotels often approach Demmerys for some advice and assistance on floral décor. We’re often told that the hotel is finding the fresh flowers were becoming quite expensive and often the flowers didn’t last as long as expected. Demmerys was asked to produce some flowers for hotels with artificial floral designs that would look as fresh as the real flowers.

Tropical Artificial Flowers on a window sill
Bespoke Flower Arrangement in The Mount
A perfect fit for every area, from bars to lobbies

Designed to be versatile

Larger public areas such as the lobby, lounge and reception require something fresh and practical and here larger displays worked well. Smaller displays of flower and plants can be dotted around the hotel, some on tables in the bar area, some in the lavatories – a place where floral décor is often very tatty – and other strategically placed to bring colour and life to the hotel.

Simplicity in design, made to last

Hassle Free Maintenance

The lifelike flowers produced by Demmerys were soon a hit with the hotel management, the low maintenance and the realism really worked. Guests too commented on the wonderful floral décor, especially the orchids and the brilliant tropical flower arrangements. Without going overboard and ensuring the highest quality flower arrangements were delivered the hotel received the ideal floral décor solution.
Tropical Artificial Flowers on a window sill

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