Artificial Flowers In Vases I

Artificial Flowers In Vases   Our beautiful, lifelike artificial flowers in vases will brighten up your home or workspace all year round. Demmerys exquisite artificial flower arrangements come in a beautiful array of vases to suit any interior. When we design and pot our artificial white orchid flower arrangements in vases, they come in a […]

Artificial Green Wall

Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project

Why artificial flowers are perfect for your next interior design project Designing the interiors for a house or commercial property can be fun, but taxing. After all, a lot of pressure can lie on you, the interior designer, to get things right—not just from a design point of view, but from a practical level too. […]

Artificial flower arrangements for superyachts

Decorating your superyacht with a Demmery’s floral arrangement 

Why a Demmery’s arrangement is the perfect finishing touch for your superyacht When it comes to decorating your superyacht, every minor design detail counts. After all, what’s the use in making such a prestigious investment when the décor doesn’t perfectly match your style and taste? Whether you think ‘bigger is better’ or prefer a ‘less […]

Interior designs using floral decor

Floral décor: 3 looks to create with a Demmerys The perfect interior space is all about the finishing touches. Floral décor in particular is great for bringing a space to completion, with its colours and textures easily working together to neatly complement and harmonise a wide range of schemes. Timelessly on-trend, faux flowers are a […]

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